little duckies

ages 6 weeks - 15 months infant program

​To be eligible for September 2020 enrollment in Little Duckies infant program, your baby must be 6 weeks old by September 1, 2020. Our application for 2020-21 is open. 

A Montessori philosophy

implemented in infancy

Yes, it can be done! Dr. Montessori’s observations and system of teaching began at infancy. Lily Pad Nursery + Pre school strive to incorporate her respect for the developmental trajectory and natural inclinations of the infant into our daily routine and in the preparation of our environment.

A language rich and safe environment for your baby to learn and grow.

“We started the Lily Pad when our son was 7 weeks old. As working parents, we really appreciate the attention and love the teachers show to our son. Every time we ask them to try something for us, they are all in. Whether it's working on naps, food, etc. Every day, I know our son is getting the attention he needs and having a GREAT time playing with all of the great toys and his little friends.”


                                          - Hannah P. 



ratio of 1-4

A small class with consistent communication about your baby throughout the day.

We offer plenty of tummy time to boost your baby’s motor development and infant sign language and to build early language skills. Little Duckies are encouraged to move their little bodies and engage their senses a. Your baby will is constantly engaged by songs, stories, and affection.