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ages 15-months - 23months program

​To be eligible for September 2020 enrollment in our Tadpoles program, your child must be 15 months old by September 1, 2020. Our application for 2020-21 is open. 


A Montessori philosophy introduced to 

your walking toddler.

Lily Pad endeavors to blend the early education techniques and principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori into our 15 to 23 month program.  

At this age, your child will be introduced to the order and function of a classroom. 


A small diverse class with consistent and personalized communication throughout the day.


“We started the Lily Pad when our son was 7 weeks old. As working parents, we really appreciate the attention and love the teachers show to our son. Every time we ask them to try something for us, they are all in. Whether it's working on naps, food, etc. Every day, I know our son is getting the attention he needs and having a GREAT time playing with all of the great toys and his little friends.”


                                          - Hannah P. 



ratio of 1-5


A small class with consistent communication about your toddler throughout the day.

Our Tadpoles program has child-to-teacher ratio of 1:5. LilyPad use the tadpole app, a tool which enables both teacher and parent to easily communicate throughout the day. Parents receive consistent updates on their toddlers throughout the day, highlighting milestones and opportunities for continued learning at home – 


A language rich and spacious environment for your walking toddler to learn and grow. 

Our Tadpole lake offers plenty of space for your child to actively explore their environment, boosting their senses and fine-tuning their newfound mobility. A variety of enrichment activities, including art, music, dance, and Yoga are interwoven into the curriculum to promote motor development and simulate the senses.


Building off our Little Duckies program, we expand our integration of the Spanish language and infant sign language to boost early language skills.

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